We welcome the decision by Council officers to recommend approval of our proposal to build 603 new homes on the surplus land at Dykebar Hospital.

David Scott, Managing Director for Barratt West Scotland said: “This proposal represents a £150 million investment in Paisly and Renfrewshire, with the sale of the land providing much needed funds to the NHS.

“Reducing the housing shortfall will play a major role in Scotland’s post-Covid recovery and this proposal supports Renfrewshire’s economic strategy, which identifies 5,000 new homes are needed over the next 10 years to help attract new investment and jobs and encourage workers to live locally.

“We are also aware that Renfrewshire Council is a champion of sustainable development and  the consortium looks forward to working with the Council in meeting its goals for sustainable growth.”

The construction phase of Thornly Park Village will provide 100 full-time equivalent construction jobs, injecting an additional £39.7 million into the regional construction sector and the consortium members have committed to using local firms and labour whenever possible.

Almost half of the site will be retained as woodland and recreational space for the whole community to enjoy and as well as new homes, the consortium will fund roads, schools and drainage infrastructure.

An independent economic impact assessment indicates that the new homes at Dykebar will generate £18 million per annum in household spend, with £7.3 million spent in the local economy.

In addition, the new households will generate over £1.9 million a year in Council Tax to be spent on local services.

MSPs George Adam, Maurice Golden and Maurice Correy have all voiced support for the proposal.

David Scott, Managing Director for Barratt West Scotland: “Paisley has become a very popular place to live, not only with current residents but also with people who are attracted to live in the town for its location and sense of community. The Council has recognised the need for more homes and this site has been allocated by them as an appropriate location for housing within their emerging Proposed Plan.

Tom Johnston, President of Renfrewshire Chamber commented: “This proposed £150 million investment demonstrates the continued confidence housebuilders have in Paisley as an attractive place to live. We have serious potential to grow our already successful manufacturing industries here in Renfrewshire and new homes are essential if we want to attract and retain our workforce. Renfrewshire’s a great place to live and work in.”