Planning Policy

In the Renfrewshire 2014 Local Development Plan, the site was allocated as having potential to provide medium to long term residential expansion to Paisley.  It  has been allocated as a housing site in the 2019 Proposed Local Development Plan.

Category: Planning Policy

There is a need for new homes in Paisley.  Renfrewshire Council has an obligation to provide sufficient housing land to meet local housing demand.  The Renfrewshire Economic Strategy 2020-30 advises that 5,000 new homes are needed over the next decade.

The NHS also has an obligation to achieve best value for land that it is selling.  Income from land sales allows reinvestment into the existing NHS Estate and front line services.

Category: Planning Policy

No, the site is within the settlement boundary of Paisley and formally identified within the Proposed Local Development Plan for housing.  It is not part of the greenbelt.

Category: Planning Policy

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