We acknowledge that a development of this size will impact on the availability of school places in the local area and that it is our responsibility to work with the Council to provide additional capacity and solutions.

The build programme at Dykebar is six to eight years with pupils starting in August 2023 at the earliest. After that pupils will gradually enter schools over the build period, so not all new pupils will need to be accommodated immediately allowing the education capacity to grow to meet demand.

There are no anticipated capacity pressures at the local non-denominational secondary school – Paisley Grammar or at St Charles’ RC Primary School. The local non-denominational primary school – Todholm Primary School – is currently operating near capacity and there are existing capacity pressures at the denominational (Roman Catholic) secondary school – St Andrews Academy.

As part of the planning application process, we are working with the Council to agree the final education proposals and the level financial payment that we will make to ensure adequate school capacity.

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