The Proposal

The Proposal

The Thornly Park Village opportunity forms part of the existing Dykebar Hospital. The Hospital complex was opened in 1909, with extensive landscaped and recreational grounds, providing a village setting for patients. In recent years, the majority of the grounds have been left unused by the NHS and have therefore been declared surplus to requirements.

The masterplan has been designed to respond to the existing landscaping and site topography. Some key design points are:

  • The low lying central area will be kept as a green meadowland from which green corridors connect into the existing green network.
  • The potential to enhance and protect existing woodland areas and to provide a woodland buffer with the hospital means that over 43% of the site remains as greenspace.
  • Todd Burn and drainage ditches/watercourses give potential to be focal points within the new neighbourhood and increase biodiversity.


  • Connecting, improving and realigning existing footpaths through the site into the adjoining neighbourhood and countryside.Providing a primary vehicular route which will incorporate bus services.
  • Access by two roads off of Grahamston Rd – the southern access being a new roundabout providing a gateway to Paisley from the south east.

The masterplan provides space for 603 new apartments and houses.

The housebuilders recognise that the proposals will also require offsite investment in infrastructure such as local roads and schools. Assessments have been undertaken and Renfrewshire Council will determine what improvements the housebuilders are required to make.

You can view more details of the proposals here.

The Thornly Park Village residential development opportunity in South East Paisley.

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